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We are; High Country Ministry

About Us

We both were born and raised in the rural West of the USA. Our roots run deep into the timber, mining and ranching cultures of this great land that God has so blessed us to live in.  Barbara and I have been married over 58 years and we have 4 beautiful daughters with families of their own. We call our non-traditional, non-denominational, Christian ministry: “High Country”.      

 "The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand" is the root message that God has given Keith to teach about to believers in Christ. To those  who are discouraged, spiritually hungry and thirsty  and those who have been scattered.

God called Keith to preach; "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand" in these times, over 40 years ago and God has been faithful to equip, gift and provide for this work by His Spirit and through His word.  We pray that; according to God's will and purposes, some of you, will find green pastures and fresh water here.

B. Keith & Barbara Chadwell

We would be delighted to hear from you. 

Our High Country Ministry  E-mail address is:  keith@highcountryministry.com

and...visit our Blog at; www.highcountryministry.blogspot.com