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On this page you will find Audio teachings:

First...the complete Audio e-book; "The Kingdom of Heaven's At Hand". 

Plus... short, periodic; "Audio Teachings".

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The Complete Unabridged Audio e-book:

"The Kingdom of Heaven's At Hand" by:B. Keith Chadwell 

Critical truth concerning; "The Kingdom of Heaven...At Hand", for which the truth has been obscured for centuries by the traditions of men. Here, is a complete and unabridged, 7 chapter, Audio e-book.  Here, is 2 hours and 23 minutes of compelling, illuminating, in-depth, Christian audio teaching regarding this vital revelation.  Introduced and narrated by the author. (You may also download a free copy of this complete e-book in .pdf document format ).  This is a Complete Audio e-book, .mp3 format; 131.55 MB.   Download times  will vary, depending on your download speed.  Right click the "red arrow" icon, below, to download this .mp3 Audio e-book (FREE).

Download aUnabridged 7chapters The Kingdom of Heavens at Hand mp3.mp3
Other Audio Teachings; .mp3 downloads

Short Audio Teachings... (10 minutes...or less) These, "Open Range" High Country Ministry, Audio, Teachings  are, unless otherwise noted, written and narrated by; B. Keith Chadwell.  Similar, written, teachings may be posted on the "Books/Teachings"  download page.

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Revealing the Mystery of the Kingdom  by; B. Keith Chadwell
Download Revealing the mystery of the Kingdom.mp3
The time is "At Hand"  by; B. Keith Chadwell
Download The time is 'At Hand'.mp3
It's Nothing New  by; B. Keith Chadwell
Download I'ts Nothing New.mp3
The "Early Rain" and the "Late Rain"  by: B. Keith Chadwell
Download The Early Rain and the Late Rain.mp3
Kill the Oxen, Burn the Plow  by; B. Keith Chadwell
Download Kill the oxen, burn the plow.mp3