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On this page you will find Audio teachings:

First...the complete Audio e-book; "The Kingdom of Heaven's At Hand". 

Plus... short, periodic; "Audio Teachings".

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The Complete Unabridged Audio e-book:

"The Kingdom of Heaven's At Hand" by:B. Keith Chadwell 

Critical truth concerning; "The Kingdom of Heaven...At Hand", for which the truth has been obscured for centuries by the traditions of men. Here, is a complete and unabridged, 7 chapter, Audio e-book.  Here, is 2 hours and 23 minutes of compelling, illuminating, in-depth, Christian audio teaching regarding this vital revelation.  Introduced and narrated by the author. (You may also download a free copy of this complete e-book in .pdf document format ).  This is a Complete Audio e-book, .mp3 format; 131.55 MB.   Download times  will vary, depending on your download speed.  Right click the "red arrow" icon, below, to download this .mp3 Audio e-book (FREE).

Download aUnabridged 7chapters The Kingdom of Heavens at Hand mp3.mp3
Other Audio Teachings; .mp3 downloads

Short Audio Teachings... (5 to 10 minutes, a bit more...or less) These, "Open Range" High Country Ministry, Audio, Teachings  are, unless otherwise noted, written and narrated by; B. Keith Chadwell.  Similar, written, teachings may be posted on the "Books/Teachings"  download page.

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Revealing the Mystery of the Kingdom  by; B. Keith Chadwell
Download Revealing the mystery of the Kingdom.mp3
The time is "At Hand"  by; B. Keith Chadwell
Download The time is 'At Hand'.mp3
It's Nothing New  by; B. Keith Chadwell
Download I'ts Nothing New.mp3
The "Early Rain" and the "Late Rain"  by: B. Keith Chadwell
Download The Early Rain and the Late Rain.mp3
Kill the Oxen, Burn the Plow  by; B. Keith Chadwell
Download Kill the oxen, burn the plow.mp3
Eyes to see, freedom to choose    B. Keith Chadwell
Download 01 1. Eyes to see freedom to choose.mp3
Christians must choose           B. Keith Chadwell
Download 08 8. Christians must choose.mp3
Saved...Take another look     B. Keith Chadwell
Download 10 10. Saved- Take another look.mp3
The promise of perfection        B. Keith Chadwell
Download 15 15. The promise of perfection.mp3